GBL Rules


The GBL recognizes that individual associations / clusters may adopt certain
Rules and Regulations for the management of their programs. When any Rules
and Regulations of an individual association are in conflict with the Rules and
Regulations of the GBL, the Rules and Regulations of the GBL shall control and
the individual association must either adhere to those Rules or withdraw from the
membership in the Gwinnett Basketball League.


  1. Each member of the coaching staff must be familiar with the “National Federation of State High School Association Rule Book.”
  2. Each member of the coaching staff and each GBL representative must have a thorough understanding of the GBL Rules, the GBL Code of Conduct, and agree to abide by all provisions of these Rules and Code of Conduct, and be willing to accept any penalties which may be imposed as a result of violations(s) of the Rules and Code of Conduct.
  3. The Rules in this Rule Book are subject to change. Each GBL Member Cluster Director ​or ​Contact Person is responsible for advising his/her association, ​coaches, players​ and membership of any Rule changes.


  1. A Member must field at least two (2) teams to qualify play in the GBL.
  2. All participating teams must be certified by the GBL, meeting all certification requirements for the current season.


  1. Age divisions will be based upon grade level during the academic school year. 
  2. Age divisions are 5th Grade, 6th Grade, & 7th Grade. 
  3. Players can not play in a lower grade level.
  4. Players are allowed to play up.
  5. There will be no B division. 
  6. A player’s birthday can be more than one year beyond the age cut off for that grade.
  7. Members representing local school clusters that have two feeder middle schools will be allowed to enter up to two teams in a grade level for both boys and girls league. If space allows, schools with one feeder middle middle school will then be allowed to enter two teams if desired. Precedence will go to the cluster who fielded tow teams the prior season.
  8. No player will be allowed to play on two teams at any time during the season. 


  1. Teams are required to be made up of players from schools that feed into the same high school.
  2. In the case of private schools, if the private school is a GBL Member, the player must play for the private school the player attends regardless of which local school cluster the player lives in, whether or not the player is selected for the private school team.
  3. In the case of a player that attends a private school not participating in the GBL, but lives in a specific GBL Member school cluster, if the Member chooses to allow private school players, the player may tryout and if selected, play for the school they would be attending if they did not attend private school.  
  4. In the case of home schooled players, if a Member chooses to allow home schooled players, the player must play for the local school cluster they live in as defined by Gwinnett County Public Schools.
  5. If a player lives in a cluster that is not participating, they may not participate on a team from a different district.   
  6. All players will be certified by GBL before the season begins.  Players are required to submit a copy of their birth certificate and an official progress report of report card showing the school name, student name, and grade.
  7. These rules are strictly enforced. These rules are intended to foster community spirit, eliminating any recruiting of players from other school clusters and prevent a hardship on parents in transporting players.


Teams can practice at their own discretion based upon availability of facilities. There are no limits on the number of hours a team can practice.


  1. The minimum number of participants on a team will be five (5). A team can play with less than five (5) during a game but must start with five (5) unless the opposing coach consents to play against four (4).
  2. There is a maximum of fifteen (15) certified players per team.
  3. The maximum number of coaches on the team bench will be three (3).
  4. Players may not change teams in a season once they are certified, regardless of a change in address or school attendance.
  5. A player may only participate with the team they are certified for regardless of how many teams the cluster may field.
  6. Girls team compositions: 5th grade teams may be comprised of any combination of 4th & 5th graders up to a maximum of 15 players on the roster. 6th & 7th grade teams will be permitted up to 5 players playing up.
  7. Boys team compositions: 5th grade teams may be comprised of any combination of 4th & 5th graders up to a maximum of 15 players on the roster. 6th & 7th grade teams will be permitted up to 2 players playing up. Example: 7th grade can have a maximum of two 6th grade players, but the 5th grade team may consist of as many as fifteen 4th graders.


  1. All Players must be certified with a Registration form.
  2. All Player must provide the GBL with a birth certificate.
  3. All players must provide a report card/ progress report from the fall session stating the school of attendance, age, and grade level.
  4. Certification will be done by the GBL Board prior to the start of the season.
  5. Players may be added to teams up to the maximum of 15 until one week prior to the start of the season. Player registration, copy of birth certificate, and current report card must be presented to a GBL board member for certification of the player prior to participation.
  6. A certified roster with player’s number and full name must be submitted to GBL at certification. Certified roster will be used as the official score book for all games. Any modifications / additions must be submitted one week prior to the start of the season. The modified roster must be recertified by GBL.


  1. All individual teams are required to have matching jerseys and letters. All players must have a white (light color) uniform when they are the home team. All players must have an black (dark color) uniform when they are the visiting team. All jerseys must use legal numbers (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) or any combination of these numbers. Failure to have a valid number will result in a team technical when the player tries to enter the game and that player will be suspended from playing until the jersey is correct.
  2. Jerseys must have permanent numbers on both front and back of jersey (no tape or markers).
  3. If undershirt is worn, it must be the same color as the jersey.
  4. Coaches are role models and should dress accordingly. Clothing such as (basketball or athletic) shorts and/ or “cut-off” shorts, warm up suites, t-shirts, jerseys, and hats are not permitted. Proper attire must be neat, clean, and portray a positive image for all GBL participants.


  1. GBL will use the National Federal Basketball Rules with YBOA exceptions as approved and published by YBOA.
  2. Game length
    • 5th and 6th Grade: Four 6 minute quarters 
    • 7th Grade: Four 7 minute quarters 
  3. Half Time: 5 minutes 
  4. Overtime: 3 minutes, as many as needed until tie is broken.
  5. Timeouts: three 1 minute, two 30 second, one 1 minute per overtime. Timeouts do accumulate and can be carried over between halves and into overtime. 
  6. Fouls: Players foul out on the 5th personal foul. 1&1 will be shot after the 6th team foul; two free throws will be shot after the 9th team foul. 
  7. Mercy Rule: Once a team is ahead by 20 points, the clock will run continuously except during timeouts and injuries. If the point differential is reduced below 15, the clock will return to normal stoppages.
  8. Defensive Press: No full court press allowed after a 20 point lead is established. One warning, then a technical foul will be access to the coach.
  9.  Ball Size
    • All Girls: 28.5
    • 5th and 6th Grade Boys: 28.5 
    • 7th Grade Boys: 29.5


A season ending tournament will be sponsored by the GBL for all age groups.
The tournament format will be pool play with a 3-game minimum for boys and
girls. If there are an odd number of teams in a particular age group, a play-in
game will be played to determine the final seed of that age group. The loser of
the play-in game is eliminated from tournament play. Rule 14 applies to
tournament games. Round 1 of the tournament the top seed plays lowest seed,
2​nd​ seed will play next lowest seed.

A. Regular Season Standings will be used to determine the tournament
seeding. Standings are determined as follows:

1.) Best overall record
2.) Standing Tiebreaker rules:
2a. Head to Head Play: The team that wins the head to head
competition between the two tied teams will be the higher
2b. Defensive Point System: A total defensive point system
will be used if teams are still tied. The team with the
lowest points allowed will determine the teams’ order of
2c. Offensive Point System: A total offensive point system
will be used if teams are still tied. The team with the highest points scored for the season will determine the team’s order of placement.
2d. Coin Toss: If two teams remain tied a coin toss will
determine the team’s order of placement.

B. Pool Play Tie Breaker Rules:
1a. Best in-pool record (out-of-pool games aren’t included).
2b. Head-to-head.
3c. Total points margin for all games.
4d. Defensive Point System: Team with lowest points allowed.


The venues hosting GBL games are authorized by the GBL to charge an
admission fee.


A. In addition to the stated purposes of the Code of Conduct of the GBL, it
will be strictly against the policy of the GBL for any person either as
player, spectator, or coach to:
1. Engage in arguments or unprivileged touching of an official, coach,
participant, or GBL representative;
2. To use abusive or foul language;
3. To harass officials; and
4. To exhibit any behavior not in accordance with the Bylaws, or the
Code of Conduct shall be dealt with as necessary by the GBL
Board. Penalties may include a fine and/or suspension and/or
expulsion from the GBL Program.
B. The team of the parent in violation of the code of conduct will be issued
one warning by the referee. An administrative technical foul will be
assessed for a second violation. An administrative technical foul and
ejection of the parent from the facility will be assessed for a 3rd violation.
C. All coaches must sign the Code of Conduct form prior to the beginning of
the season.
D. Coaches are also responsible for reviewing and enforcing this Code of
Conduct with their players and parents.
E. If a coach or player receives either 2 technical fouls, a flagrant foul or is
ejected from a game, they will be suspended for at least one game
E. If a coach or player is involved in a fight at any time, a minimum
punishment of a 2 game suspension or greater based on Board review
and vote. A coach may be penalized for players fighting.
F. If a coach or player is ejected from 2 or more games, upon Board Review
said offenders may be suspended from league.


The use of ineligible players (players not certified by the GBL for suspect team)
will cause the coach to be suspended for a minimum of one (1) game and all
games that involved that individual will result in a forfeit. A fine also may be
imposed on the Member involved.


Games canceled because of lack of participants will result in an automatic fine of
$100 to the member cluster. This includes all regular season and tournament


A. Annual Team Registration fees will be determined by the GBL Board and
announced prior to the beginning of each season.
B. Only the GBL is authorized to collect registration fees from member
associations in order to accomplish the Purposes of the GBL.


A coach may protest a game if he/she feels a Rule has been broken or not
enforced. The coach must have a written protest to a GBL ​Board Member within
twenty-four (24) hours after the game. A $40 cash deposit must accompany the
written protest. If the protest causes a reversal by the GBL, the $40 will be
returned. If the decision is not reversed, the $40 deposit will not be returned and
will be deposited into the GBL general fund. Judgment calls by a referee cannot
be protested. Only Rule violations may be protested.


Should a fine or suspension be imposed against a ​Member​, a coach, player, or
parent from that association, the association shall have thirty 48 hours to appeal
the imposition of that fine to the GBL Board. The GBL Board will review and rule
on the appeal within 48 hours of the appeal request. Should they fail to appeal
and win that appeal to the GBL Board, the fine shall stand and the association
shall pay the fine within ten (10) days of any decision on the appeal. Should the
Member ​fail to pay the fine for any reason whatsoever, that association shall be
put on suspension from the GBL and shall not be allowed to participate in any
GBL ​B​oard decision until that fine has been paid. Should that fine remain unpaid
at the conclusion of the season, that local association may be removed form the
GBL by an affirmative vote of the majority of the GBL Board members.

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